• Word Of Wisdom Conference - 2016

    Word Of Wisdom Conference - 2016

    Work of Ministry Leadership Conference ideal for Associate & Asisting ministers, Church Workers Youth Leaders, Volunteers, missionaries etc

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  • Leadership Conference and Youth Empowerment

    Leadership Conference and Youth Empowerment

    Our leadership conference ran throughout the year to empower church workers and leaders to do the work of the ministry effectively and efficiently we work hard to ensure.....

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  • Tourism and Exchange Programmes

    Tourism and Exchange Programmes

    With our holiday trips you will get authentic travel. Exceptional service with trusted travel experts leaving an indelible wonderful experience that leave memories that linger for all the right reasons...

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Welcome to Brian Gray-Mills Ministries

BGM Ministries is incorporated under the companies Act 2006 as a private company, that the company is limited by shares. As a registered entity in England and Wales, we are dedicated to provide quality and value for money products and services for our cherished customers and Christian community. Our interest is to make a difference in the lives of people. We are therefore customer focused to ensure that we satisfy the needs of our clients and customers. We are specialised in the publication and commercial production and sale of Christian Ministry Materials, children literatures, Christian inspiring books, devotionals, diaries, and gift sets etc.

  • Key To Avoid Disloyalty

    It doesn't mater the level of your anointing; one of your major enemies in the ministry is disloyal people in your team who destroy what you have toil to build. In this book, Brian Gray-Mills shows you workable strategies to win battles of disloyalty.

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  • TEMPERAMENT Before You Say "I DO"

    In simple terms your temperament is your basic nature as to how you react to situations or to people. The reaction of various persons to the same experience will be different. The following four reactions are likely to be expected when a group of people are subjected or exposed to the same experience.


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